DT Monthly Recap – March 2016

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Exciting News on Dang Travelers Monthly Recap

The month of March was exciting for us on the website as we saw the most visitors in one month to date! We are hoping this is an ongoing and upward trend. It has become a bit of an addiction watching all our statistics. I don’t necessarily want to focus on any of that because we are writing and sharing for the enjoyment of just that, but it is quite a high when you know one of your articles have been read by thousands of people in just one day!

Dang Travelers Monthly Recap - March 2016
Movin’ on Up!

On Facebook this month, our followers hit over 700 which is a pretty big feat in our eyes.

Thanks again to all of you that comment, share and like any of our pictures, videos or posts. It helps spread our content and gain possible new readers so we really appreciate it!

We also had a HUGE purchase and are super pumped about it! We bought our first fancy camera with all the extras. Now, we just have to figure out how to use it

Our Travels

In the beginning of March, we split our time between home in the Chicago burbs and Dave’s work location in southern Illinois. We tried a new barbecue restaurant near the base that a ton of people have been recommending.

Dang Travelers Monthly Recap - March 2016
Beast Craft BBQ in Belleville, IL

We also adventured in to a new brew pub close to home. They have over 40 tappers of craft beer from all over so my hubby was in heaven!

Dang Travelers Monthly Recap - March 2016
Dave’s dream place!

At the end of March, we took our nephews on a short trip to kick off spring break. We headed up to Kenosha, Wisconsin which is only an hour and half from our home. We all had a blast exploring the area, Kenosha, Wisconsin: Small Town, Big Heart.

Dang Travelers Monthly Recap - March 2016
Having a great time at the Jelly Belly warehouse

The Blog

The most exciting post in March was our big announcement for our plans in a few months: The Summer Road Trip that will Blow Your Mind. We are counting down the days before it begins!! We are amped up to get out on the open road and explore all the wonderful national parks America has to offer. It will be the longest trip (80 days) we will have taken up until this point so we are thrilled to find out how we manage it. With the goal of more long-term trips in the future, it is always interesting to see how we cope as a couple, how we as individuals manage and how all the logistics work. Don’t worry we will share all of that with you as we go!

If you haven’t signed up yet to receive our e-mails, please do so! No spam and it’s only the best of the best that we will send to you. We are anticipating bad connections on the road out west so we may only be able to keep contact on one platform and we are making the decision for that to be on the blog, not Facebook or Instagram. We would like to keep you posted on all the nitty gritty of our adventures on the road.

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We also wrote up our experience visiting Macon, Georgia: the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World. We drove down for the spring blossoms last year and it was a striking sight! We had no idea Georgia had more cherry blossoms than Japan or Washington D.C.

Since we had some down time in March, we also tried to catch up on some writing from our time we spent in Florida. We shared Our Favorite Island in Florida and still have some more posts about some of the awesome things we did while road tripping down there.

We have so many places on our list we would like to visit someday so we were ecstatic to welcome Roxana, a guest blogger to write up about her home country of Australia. She shared Australia’s Most Instagram Worthy Places to Visit which got our wanderlust on overdrive!

The trip with our nephews was so much fun and we found some great places to Dine in Kenosha. We found out that chicken and donuts go together, beer nuggets are not for adults only and my nephew found the best sandwich he has ever had in downtown Kenosha!

Social Media

The month of March started out with 6,100 Twitter followers, we now have over 7,500. We had just hit the 2,000 marker on Instagram at the end of February and we now have 2,350 new friends.

Most Popular Photo on Instagram

Our most liked photo of March was from the Ding Wildlife Preserve on Sanibel Island.

April Plans

In April, we will put on our walking shoes because we will be visiting New Orleans in Louisiana, Cape Girardeau in Missouri and then exploring more places in the St. Louis area! We also hope to share some amazing travel tips and resources along the way!

Disclaimer: The Amazon link above gives us a small commission at no additional cost to you.*

Do you have any exciting plans for April? Let us know. We would love to hear about them!

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Angela E. is a travel writer from the Chicagoland area who has visited all 50 states in the US and has traveled extensively around the world. She is passionate about exploring the great outdoors and hiking in particular. Her love for nature has taken her to some of the most beautiful locations on the planet. She has written extensively about her travels on her own website, Dang Travelers, and has been published in collaboration with other travel websites and multiple visitor bureaus around the country.

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  1. Chris Travels

    Do we have any exciting plans for April, you ask? Absolutely! In fact, I think the cute blog picture “”movin on up” might be a picture of me with my backpack as I climb the hills of the Camino Del Norte in Spain starting April 20th! This will be my 2nd 400 mile trek across that beautiful country and I am super excited! BTW, congratulations on your travel website’s continued growth…you deserve it. I know a lot of hard work and creativity have gone into your posts!

    • Dang Travelers

      Wow, you really do have BIG plans for April! You should be excited, it’s going to be an epic adventure. We hope to hike the Camino ourselves one day. Good luck to you and we wish you safe travels!

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