Big Adventure Box: Make Traveling with Kids a Little Easier

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I’ve been traveling with my nephews for years, but I usually keep the road trips under 5 hours for their sanity… and mine! The kids are now 10 and 12 so I decided they are old enough for a longer car ride. It is spring break and we are driving from Chicago to Branson, Missouri, an eight-hour ride. That’s long even for me so I had to bring in the big guns, Big Adventure Box.

The Big Adventure Box is a fun and memorable way to start your family road trip right.

What is Big Adventure Box

Big Adventure Box was started by Alex and Amanda, parents from the Chicago area. The husband and wife duo put together “adventure boxes” curated to keep children engaged.

The idea is to turn any trip into an adventure by giving them an outlet to document their trip, entertaining them, and to promote creativity.

They started the business because, “they fondly remember family vacations as not only a time of happiness, but also a major source of learning compassion, empathy, and kindness that would form them into who they are today.

They created Big Adventure Box as a way to evoke these feelings for the next generation.”

We couldn’t agree more. Travel is an important way not only to bond but to make learning fun. When my oldest nephew figured out the Titanic Museum was one of the places we are visiting on our trip to Branson, he called me immediately. As he is not the talkative one, this is not done often!

The Big Adventure Box is a fun and memorable way to start your family road trip right.

12 year old: “I looked up things to do and saw Branson has a museum and you guys always take us to museums. Am I right? Are we going to the see the Titanic?”

Me: “Yes, you guessed right. What do you think?”

12 year old: “This is SO cool. I am going to tell all my friends; they aren’t going to believe it. My teacher said she is going to be jealous if that’s where we are going because she’s always wanted to go. Did you know it sank because they hit an iceberg?”

I thought to myself, he is twelve and super excited to go to a museum on his spring break, I couldn’t ask for a better reaction.


Make your next road trip memorable with the perfect road trip activities box for kids, the Big Adventure Box.

How it Works

Pull up the Big Adventure Box website, fill out a survey on where you are going, what type of trip you are taking, how old the child is, and what type of interests the child has. That way, your box can be custom-made!

The average turnaround time is about a week so make sure to order with plenty of time to spare.

Also once you receive your package, go back to the website to share your experience for a chance to win a prize and be Adventurer of the Month!


Make your next road trip memorable with the perfect road trip activities box for kids, the Big Adventure Box.

What Types of Boxes are Available

There are three options available. And all of the boxes come with a Big Adventure Box journal with creativity prompts, pen, and a nurturing item plus:

Adventure Box – The smallest box is perfect for a short road trip. Includes the above and 2-3 extra items to promote creativity, happiness, and compassion.

Big Adventure Box – The flagship product and best value includes the above and a knapsack with 5 – 8 additional items.

Sibling Box (for 2) – The box we received is a combo box for two siblings to promote playing together while combining their mutual interests. It comes with the above, a knapsack, shared activities and 5 – 8 additional items.

The Big Adventure Box is a fun and memorable way to start your family road trip right.

Our Big Adventure Box Experience – What’s Inside

With an eight-hour car ride ahead of us, I waited a few hours until the kids were starting to get antsy to give them their surprise. We stopped at a rest area with picnic tables which I thought was the perfect opportunity.

Unless you are going on a short road trip, I wouldn’t suggest giving them the box right away. An unexpected gift got the excitement going for the trip all over again a few hours after our departure. 

Inside, the boys found individual customized letters, two travel journals with pens, a pillow pet for the youngest, a huggable scented Chocolate Chip plush for the oldest, binoculars, magnetic checkers, Road Trip Bingo, a Smarty Pants game, a secret decoder, wipe-off activity pad, and two string bags. 

Road Trip Games for Kids: Magnetic Checkers and Road Trip Bingo found in the Big Adventure Box.

Family Road Trip Games: Melissa & Doug Secret Decoder

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A few reasons the Big Adventure Box stands out as a great option for a family road trip:

  1.  I love supporting local. Fellow Midwesterners, the couple that started this business live only a stone’s throw away from us and they have a passion for travel just like us!
  2.  The boxes are filled with quality items, not just Dollar Store cheapies. I may not have kids of my own, but I immediately recognized “Melissa & Doug” items, a brand known for encouragement to learn while playing. 
  3. The Adventure Box got the boys to put down their phones. If any of you travel with kids, you know how hard that is! We talked about our trip as they flipped through the journals that asked them specific questions. Then the two of them were in the back figuring out the rules of Road Trip Bingo. And the last hour of the car ride, they laughed hard as they figured out I’m NOT the Smarty Pants I thought I was!
  4. The items in the box are not just for the car ride, we used all of them during our week-long vacation. And I am sure some of them will be their new go-to games and activities at home.

Thanks to Big Adventure Box for kicking off our spring break road trip off right!

The perfect road trip survival kit, the Big Adventure Box.

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*Disclaimer: I received a complimentary Adventure Box and no additional compensation. In no way was my opinion influenced, all thoughts and experiences expressed are my own.*

Did you take a spring break trip this year? Where did you go?? Tell us below!

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Taking a road trip with kids? The Big Adventure Box is filled with road trip activities custom-made for your kids!

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