Best Things to Do in Downtown Kenosha and Beyond

Located midway between Milwaukee and Chicago is Kenosha, a charming harbor town situated right on Lake Michigan. The lakefront district provides a culturally rich, entertaining, and family-friendly getaway. Being only a little over an hour from Chicago, it’s one of our favorite destinations in Wisconsin! Here are the top things to do in downtown Kenosha and the surrounding area.  

Step back in time and cruise around downtown in an authentic electric streetcar, discover Kenosha’s maritime history, climb a lighthouse, entertain dinosaur fans, learn about the Civil War and how it impacted the lives of people in the Midwest, enjoy the beach, or dine at one of the locally owned fantastic restaurants.

Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse
Kenosha North Pier Lighthouse, a bright red Lake Michigan tower built in 1906.

We found all of the above and so much more on multiple trips over the years. 

Kenosha, Wisconsin Streetcar
Take a ride on a vintage streetcar and make a short loop throughout downtown Kenosha.

Full Disclosure: We were hosted on parts of our trips, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. Some of the links included are affiliate links, if you book through it we will receive a small commission at no additional charge to you.

Kenosha Lodging – Where to Stay

Unique Boutique with Best Location: The Stella Hotel & Ballroom, 5706 8th Avenue, Kenosha, WI (262) 842-2000.

We stayed at The Stella on our most recent visit and absolutely loved the location and rooms. Click here to read our full review for The Stella Hotel, a top-notch downtown Kenosha hotel. 

Disclaimer: I earn from qualifying purchases. Some of the links included in this post are affiliate links and will provide me with a commission at no additional cost to you.

Waterfront: Wyndham Garden Kenosha Harborside, 5125 6th Ave, Kenosha, WI, (262) 658-3281

Near the Brat Stop: Hampton Inn & Suites, 7300 125th Avenue, Kenosha, WI (262) 358-9800. 

The Kenosha Public Museum is one of the free museums in the downtown district.
Running from animals at the Kenosha Public Museum.

Fun Things to Do in Downtown Kenosha

Do you know what we love about Kenosha? Despite being the fourth largest city in the state, the downtown area has a small-town feel with a number of attractions (most of them free or budget-friendly) and restaurants within walking distance of each other. 

Downtown Restaurants 

So let’s talk about food and drinks first!

Here are some of our favorites… 

The inside of Waterfront Warehouse in Kenosha.
Waterfront Warehouse has a gastropub-style menu with plenty of options: soups, salads, flatbreads, burgers, sandwiches, pasta, fish, and steak entrees.

Waterfront Warehouse

From the fried Tijuana Roll appetizers mixed with chicken, creamy cheese, roasted corn, black beans, pico and jalapeños wrapped in wontons to the S’mores flatbread topped with marshmallow, chocolate,  graham cracker crumbles, and whipped cream and everything in between, the food at Waterfront Warehouse (3322 Sheridan Road) is I-can-eat-here-every-day delicious!

The S'mores dessert at Waterfront Warehouse is a delicious.
Save room for dessert at Waterfront Warehouse!

Not only is the food fantastic, but we adore the industrial vibe with the warm lighting, hardwood floors, and exposed brick. 

Must-try: Wisconsin’s Own Merkts Cheese & Bacon Burger. It comes with two beef patties, thick-cut Applewood smoked bacon, and Merkts signature cheese spread. 

The Wisconsin's Own Merkts Cheese & Bacon Burger at Waterfront Warehouse in Kenosha.
The Wisconsin’s Own Merkts Cheese & Bacon Burger. When visiting America’s Dairyland cheese is a must.

Kaiser’s Pizza of Kenosha

Kaiser’s Pizza & Pub (510 57th St) is the perfect spot to unwind after a busy day and is super family-friendly.

The kids were getting a bit loud at one point, but it didn’t matter because there were other families and sports on the televisions to drown them out.

Kenosha Dining
Kaiser’s “World Famous” Pizza & Pub

The menu is large with typical pub fare and a big children’s menu. We ordered the delightful beer nuggets and tasty “world-famous” thin crust pizza that comes with – as might be expected – Wisconsin cheese. 

Must-Try: Beer Nuggets. Pizza dough baked in olive oil, seasoned with garlic, oregano and Romano cheese served with homemade marinara sauce. 

The garlicky beer nugget's at Kaiser's are a must-try!
The beer nuggets at Kaiser’s are garlicky goodness.

Scoops Ice Cream & Candy

Scoops Ice Cream & Candy (5819 6th Avenue) is a crazy cute ice cream shop right across the street from The Stella Hotel serving up premium Wisconsin-made ice cream and handmade candy.  

The lit up exterior of Scoops Ice Cream and Candy Shop in Kenosha.
There were always people at Scoops!

The old-fashioned ice cream parlor makes its own waffle cones and even has vegan, no-sugar-added, and gluten-free options.

Definitely put this place on your list of places to visit when you plan a trip to Kenosha!

Must-Try: Oreo Cookie Cone

Scoops Ice Cream & Candy store has been a staple in the community for over a decade.
Grab a sweet treat at the end of the day at Scoops and you won’t be disappointed.

Boat House Pub & Eatery

The Boat House Pub & Eatery (4917 7th Avenue) is one of Kenosha’s waterfront restaurants that’ll make you feel like you just stepped off a vessel even if you didn’t. 

Known for their seafood dishes and flavored Long Island iced teas, the nautical-themed eatery can be found right off the lake in the harbor. 

Harbor view from the Boat House Pub & Eatery.
The harbor view from the Boat House Pub & Eatery.

You can sit outside to watch the boats come in and out or take a seat inside and enjoy the bar and laidback atmosphere.

Must-Try: Fish Fry or The Meatball Bomber for the landlubbers.
Meatball Bomber and Fish Fry at the Boat House Pub & Eatery, one of the Kenosha downtown restaurants.
Which one would you choose?

Down Town’R Saloon

If you get a hankering for barbecue or some southwestern fare, walk through the swinging doors to Down Town’R Saloon. You’ll be greeted with a warm smile and a welcoming attitude.

Rib dinner at Down Town’R Saloon. All sauces are made in-house.

It’ll be hard to choose between the inviting bar and the upstairs rooftop patio, but I’m sure you’ll be happy with either decision.  

Check out that ladder and cowboy boots on the top row.

The menu ranges from appetizers like Saloon Nachos topped with smokehouse chili or pulled pork and Cowboy Poutine made with seasoned fries, brisket, bacon and lime crema to tamales, tacos, and enchiladas to burgers, ribs, salmon and brisket. 

Enchiladas at Downtown R Saloon in Kenosha.
Enchiladas and elote at Down Town’r Saloon.

Here are a few other Kenosha downtown restaurants that were recommended to us, but we didn’t get a chance to try yet:

  • Trolley Dogs, 5501 6th Avenue – known for the Trolley Dog, a hot dog & tamale on the same bun.
  • Choo Choo Charlie’s, 5414 13th Avenue – A train delivers the food. 
  • Frank’s Diner, 508 58th Street, is the oldest continuously operating diner in the US and has been on numerous “Best Diner” lists including Thrillist, Business Insider, and Chicago’s Best Diner.
  • Tenuta’s Delicatessen, 3203 52nd Street, is an Italian market known for cannolis and Italian food.

Vintage Streetcar Riding

Electric rail was how people got around in the early 1900s and you can see what it was like! 

Kenosha operates seven different electric streetcars on a scenic 2-mile loop passing along the Lake Michigan shoreline, Metro Station, downtown Kenosha, HarborPark, and the Sculpture Walk.

Kenosha, Wisconsin Streetcar
Well hello from the Chicago streetcar in Kenosha!

The names and colors of the streetcars coincide with the cities that once operated streetcars as well. 

It is a unique introduction to town or a great way to get around during your stay for a minimal fee.

$3.50 for an all-day pass. Children 4 and under are free, ages 5-12 only $0.50, and adults $1.00.

HOT TIP: Look for a vertical green sign that says, “streetcar” to designate a pickup spot and hop on when it quietly swings by.

Kenosha Vintage Streetcar #2
One of the most unique things to do in Kenosha is to ride a vintage streetcar.

We were fortunate to ride in three of the seven restored cars and the kids were ecstatic.

I don’t know one child, or adult for that matter, that wouldn’t enjoy a quick trip around town on the vintage cars.

Climb a Lighthouse

Built in 1866, the Southport Lighthouse is another must-do when in town. It served as a beacon for those out on the lake for 40 years before it was replaced by the bright red North Pier Lighthouse. 

Kenosha, Wisconsin
Restored in the early 2000s, the Southport Light Station houses a museum where the keeper’s used to live. 

Today, the lighthouse and station are used as seasonal attractions. It’s an exciting climb via the 72 steps to the top of the 55-foot tower for beautiful views of the harbor and the lake.

Open from May – October (must be 8 or older).

View from on top of the Southport Lighthouse.
The view of Lake Michigan from on top of the Southport Lighthouse.

The house was restored and is now a maritime museum with exhibits documenting Kenosha’s harbor history, with information on its lighthouse keepers, shipping and commercial fishing history.

It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1990 and houses fascinating artifacts including an authentic Fresnel lens the size that used to shine from the Southport Lighthouse, period ship models, nautical charts and local shipwreck items.

A model Wasa ship at the Southport Light Station Museum.
A model ship of the Wasa (also known as Vasa) of 1638, a Swedish vessel that sank the day it was launched.

Dinosaur Discovery Museum

Four of the five museums in Kenosha are free including the Dinosaur Discovery Museum. The kids will be in awe of the large hall of bones.

Kenosha, Wisconsin things to do: Dinosaur Museum
The Dinosaur Discovery Museum in downtown Kenosha

Upon entering the main exhibit, go to the left and make your way around to see the evolution of prehistoric meat-eating dinosaurs to modern-day birds, the only museum that has such a focus.

Stop and watch the video of paleontologists uncovering bones at an excavation site.

Things to do in Kenosha, Wisconsin include a stop at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum.
The main hall at the Dinosaur Discovery Museum.

The main gallery explains where dinosaurs came from, what they looked like, what they ate, and how we know they existed. 

The Little Clint, The Story of a Baby Dinosaur, exhibit, tells the story of a 3-year-old Tyrannosaurus rex, one of the youngest T. rex bones ever discovered. This area is interactive with puzzles, games, and a Dino Dig area for children ages 3 – 10. 

Kenosha, Wisconsin

A dinosaur quiz with true and false question.s
How well would you do if you took the dinosaur quiz?

On the lower level is a classroom and play area with dinosaur puzzles, books, and coloring. Take a look in the big viewing windows to see the Carthage Institute of Paleontology’s on-site research lab. 

None of the crew were there (they were digging in Montana on our last visit), but you could see the partial skull of a Triceratops previously excavated. 

The museum includes one exhibit, a gallery and a lower-level activity center so it doesn’t take too long to explore. Plan for 45 minutes to an hour.

Kenosha Public Museum

Who knew the largest and most complete wooly mammoth skeletons in North America ever excavated were found in Kenosha County? Not us!

You’ll find the Schaefer and Hebior mammoth exhibit and so much more at the Kenosha Public Museum, another free and incredibly captivating Smithsonian Affiliate museum. 

Once inside, follow the geological timeline starting with prehistoric sea creatures, fossils and dinosaurs lining the pathway. 

Dinosaur at the Kenosha Public Library.
Making friends with a dinosaur at the Kenosha Public Library.

Then, follow along through a Native American village exploring how the natives came to Wisconsin and lived off the land through all four seasons. 

The Native American Exhibit at the Kenosha Public Museum.

Upstairs, walk through the 1600s Cabinet of Curiosity. It’s an interesting perspective on how human curiosity led to the development of natural sciences. The closet-like exhibits show how museums got their start with personal rare collections of gemstones, coral, plants, skeletons, and more. 

Across the hall, you’ll be face to face with many local and exotic animals throughout six different global ecosystems in the taxidermy exhibit. 

Ever look a bear in the eyes? It’s a little intimidating let me tell you!

Lions and tigers and bears! Oh my!

The rotating gallery of decorative and fine arts is also upstairs. Spend time enjoying the works of talented artists in this section. Beautiful watercolor paintings were on display for our visit. 

Deciding which one she’d hang on her wall at home.

There’s a lot to see and learn at the museum which makes it one of our favorites in Kenosha. 

Hot Tip: Don’t miss the great view upstairs of the Kenosha Pierhead Lighthouse and Lake Michigan.

Plan for two hours or so depending on if you have children that will play in The Field Station.

Walk the Parks, Beaches, and Trails Along the Lakeshore

Take advantage of the most popular attraction in the area – the spectacular Lake Michigan, one of the largest freshwater lakes in the world!

Nearly 90% of Kenosha’s shoreline is accessible to the public so there are numerous parks and paths to take advantage of. 

Take a stroll along the harbor to see the various interesting works of art which rotate to keep things even more interesting, and you’ll also discover a splash pad, marina, and flower gardens. 

Bouncing across the big rocks and taking pictures next to all the sculptures on the Kenosha Sculpture Walk is another fun free thing to do in town. 

Things to do in downtown Kenosha, Wisconsin: Sculpture Walk
The Sculpture Walk on the Kenosha Lakefront.

There are a few beaches in Kenosha, but the two popular ones are right downtown: Eichelman Park and Simmons Island Park. 

Both have free parking, playgrounds, public beaches, and a walking/biking trail. 

Eichelman Park and Beach on Lake Michigan.
Eichelman Park and Beach is one of the public swimming areas in Kenosha. It would be a great spot for sunrise over the lake. 

Civil War Museum

The Civil War Museum is the only Kenosha museum that charges an entrance fee, but we think it is so worth the nominal cost.

The interactive displays, life-size dioramas and 360-degree movie experience are impressive and the high quality and personal touch amazed us. The entire group was engaged throughout the entire museum.

Kenosha, Wisconsin

The museum illustrates what the average citizen’s mentality was before, during and after the American Civil War. It focuses on the perspectives of people from the seven states of the upper-middle west: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio and Wisconsin.

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Do not miss the movie, Seeing the Elephant; it’s a 10-minute immersive experience telling the heartfelt tale of the Civil War through the eyes and experiences of soldiers. 

I wasn’t sure how the kids were going to like it, but they watched with their mouths hanging open and their eyes growing bigger with every blast of the cannon that shook the ground. 

For a short film, it’s quite powerful. It does a great job of making you feel invested in the lives of the soldiers and knowing their intimate thoughts and feelings. It’s a unique experience and definitely one you won’t want to miss on your visit. 

Kenosha, Wisconsin

Kenosha Downtown Shops

The historic downtown Kenosha area is home to a few specialty stores that are fun to explore. You’ll find sports memorabilia, sweets, treats, gifts and more.

Kenosha, Wisconsin
The kids getting silly
Kenosha, Wisconsin
Inner Child Comics & Collectibles is a comic book store that buys, sells, and trades. 

Blue House Books (5615 7th Avenue) is a quaint book shop that carries a good selection of literature. The store also hosts events like storytime and book signings. 

Another local gem is the Duck Duck Goose Children’s Shop (5811 6th Avenue) where you’ll find educational, creative, and entertaining toys for the kids. The store carries brands like The Learning Journey, Melissa and Doug, Haba, Green Toys, and Fat Brain. 

Downtown Kenosha shopping includes the Duck Duck Goose Children's Shop.
You’ll discover an array of toys and games at Duck Duck Goose Children’s Shop. Fidgets seem to be the most popular item right now.

Kenosha History Center

Here we go again with yet another fantastic free museum.

The Kenosha History Center, located next to the Southport Light Station, was a pleasant surprise. It’s a small museum with a wealth of information about Kenosha and its past. 

The Yesteryear Gallery, shows us what it was like in the city back in the 1800s and 1900s complete with an oxcart, railroad depot, post office, General Store, one-room school, blacksmith shop, and a barbershop.

Early Kenosha days including an oxcart, railroad depot, post office, General Store, one room school, blacksmith shop, and a barbershop.
In the Yesteryear Gallery, you’ll experience the early settlement days.

We learned that the creator of the modern typewriter was a Kenoshan, Mr. Christopher Latham Soles. He invented the still-used QWERTY keyboard which we still use today. 

A.D. Meiselbach typewriter at the Kenosha History Museum.
Did you know that typewriter patents date back to 1713?
Take a cruise down memory lane in the car section detailing how auto manufacturing was big business back in the day and with a look at an impressive toy collection.
*Although the History Center is free, donations are appreciated.*
The car gallery at the Kenosha History Center.
The Kenosha History Center preserves the automotive and industrial background of the area with rotating exhibits.

Birthplace of Orson Welles

Have you seen Citizen Kane? Orson Welles, one of the most celebrated American filmmakers, was born in Kenosha. 

On 7th street, look for a blue and white 19th-century duplex and a placard on the front lawn to commemorate where he lived. 

The birthplace of Orson Welles in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Orson Welles was born in Kenosha in 1915.

Seasonal Events including the HarborMarket

There’s always something going on in Kenosha especially in the summer. Take your pick from free concerts, festivals, car shows, art exhibits, movie nights, and yoga in the park. 

Every Saturday from the beginning of May through the end of October, over 80 booths line up at the HarborMarket, an open-air market featuring the best vendors around town. 


Other Things to do in Kenosha or Nearby

Bristol 45 Diner

It’s throwback time!  The Bristol 45 Diner takes you straight back to the 1950s with bright red walls and red and white booths and bar stools.

You can’t go wrong ordering breakfast that’s served all day at this colorful joint. 

The inside of the retro Bristol 45 Diner.
It’s a blast from the past at Bristol 45 Diner where golden oldies play overhead as you soak in the retro feel.

You’ll spend the short time waiting for your food browsing the memorabilia pinned all over the wall. 

The rural Kenosha restaurant offers up great food, a vintage vibe, and an extremely welcoming staff. 

HOT TIP: You can combine your visit with a trip to Boundless Adventures (below) since it’s less than 5 miles away. 

Chocolate chip pancakes and whipped cream at Bristol 45 Diner.
Always say yes to chocolate chip pancakes!

Boundless Adventures

Boundless Adventures is roughly thirty minutes outside of downtown Kenosha in Bristol, but totally worth the drive. It’s an entertaining attraction the whole – active – family will love. 

The beginners tree course at Boundless Adventures in Bristol.
Challenge accepted at Boundless Adventures.

The aerial adventure park is up in the trees giving it an extra sense of adventure and has four different skill levels from beginner to expert having something for everyone. 

The courses go from light to dark for levels of difficulty starting with three yellow (beginner) courses. From there, you can choose between three green (intermediate), two blue (advanced), and one black (expert) course so there’s plenty to do.

Even our group, who three out of the four were scared of heights, made it to the green level. And after three full hours of climbing, soaring, balancing, twisting, and crawling the girls were not ready to leave. 

Before you hit the ropes, click here to read our article on what to wear and what to expect at Boundless Adventures.

The aerial adventure park, Boundless Adventures, in Bristol, Wisconsin.
Soaring and climbing in the trees at Boundless Adventures in Bristol.

The park has over 100 rope bridges, 19 ziplines, and 3 leaps of faith.

It’s a great way to enjoy the outdoors, add some excitement to your trip, and get a bit of a workout in!

Daily Dose Cafe

With the first bite into my breakfast panini at the Daily Dose Cafe (6010 40th Avenue), I knew the bread had to be made fresh and my guess somewhere locally.

And I was right. The waitress told us it’s from the bakery down the street. 

The outside patio at the Daily Dose Cafe.
The Daily Dose Cafe is definitely where the locals go, the place was buzzing with people the whole time we were there.

The cozy neighborhood eatery has delicious strong coffee, great paninis, and a nice outdoor patio. 

A Western breakfast panini at the Daily Dose Cafe.
A breakfast panini at The Daily Dose Cafe.

Mars Cheese Castle

Minutes across the Illinois-Wisconsin border is the Mars Cheese Castle, a specialty food store with a taproom, bakery, delicatessen, and gift shop. It has all the Wisconsin-made goodies you could ask for and sure is hard to pass up.

The outside of the Mars Cheese Castle, a unique roadside attraction at the Illinois-Wisconsin border.
Mars Cheese Castle is one of those roadside attractions that you can’t pass up!

Founded in 1947, it’s a longtime tradition for us Illinoisians to stop here and browse the merchandise.

Along with any kind of cheese you can think of, the castle also carries many other royal treats like gourmet popcorn, local wine and beer, baked goods, and state souvenirs such as the below darling cheesehead hats.

I bet you can’t wait to pick yourself up one of these!

Wearing cheesehead hats at The Mars Cheese Castle in Kenosha, Wisconsin.
Only in Wisconsin for 30 minutes and they already both turned into cheeseheads!

Brat Stop

The Brat Stop is another famous landmark that has been serving brats, beers, and cheese to travelers since 1961. 

The roadside eatery, conveniently located off I-94, is also known for hosting live music, its outdoor beer garden, and its friendly Wisconsin ambiance. The Brat Stop sign that reads CHEESE BRAT STOP in big bold letters.

Beer, brats and cheese, please!

El Camino Kitchen

Another noteworthy restaurant is the El Camino Kitchen in Pleasant Prairie.

Expectations ran high when we found out it’s owned by the same hospitality group as Warehouse Waterfront. Luckily, El Camino did not let us down. 

The best SoCal Kitchen in Kenosha has a vast menu that has a touch of everything – salads, soups, Mexican dishes, burgers, rice bowls, wings, and sandwiches.  

El Camino Kitchen restaurant in Kenosha.
The El Camino Kitchen was happening for lunch.

We took advantage of the lunch specials available Monday through Friday and ordered the lunch fajitas and all-you-can-eat soup and salad. 

Large portions and “yummy” tacos off the kid’s menu gained the little ones’ stamp of approval.

Chicken Fajitas Lunch Special
The Chicken Fajitas Lunch Special at El Camino Kitchen.


We now understand where the #KenoshaFun campaign comes from. All in all, we’ve grown to appreciate how many entertaining things Kenosha has to offer that are either free or at reasonable prices. 

We’ve passed the city numerous times before on our way up to Milwaukee, never realizing we were skipping a destination unto itself.

There’s no doubt we will be back to explore the adult activities like the art galleries and craft breweries. Kenosha won’t be an off-the-radar stopover for long!


Know Before You Visit Kenosha

Make sure to check out Kenosha WI upcoming events before you plan your trip!

Kenosha Transit Electric Streetcar

  • Runs every 15 minutes during operational hours.
  • Takes exact fare only.
  • Winter Schedule (January 2 – February 28th) Monday – Friday Closed, Saturday & Sunday 10:35 am to 6:15 pm.
  • Spring Schedule (March 1 – March 31st) Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:35 am to 6:15 pm.
  • Summer & Fall Schedule (April 1 – December 31st) Monday – Friday 11:05 am – 6:35pm, Saturday & Sunday 10:35 am to 6:15 pm.

Dinosaur Discovery Museum

  • 5608-10th Avenue, Kenosha, WI (262) 653-4450
  • Free public parking and streetcar stop.
  • Print out an I-Spy worksheet for the kids before you go here.
  • Closed Mondays and holidays.
  • Open Tuesday – Sunday 12 pm to 5 pm.

Kenosha Public Museum

  • 5500 First Avenue, Kenosha, WI (262) 653-4140
  • Sunday 12pm to 5pm, Monday – Saturday 10am to 5m, Closed holidays
  • Free public parking and streetcar stop.

Civil War Museum

  • 5400 First Avenue, Kenosha, WI (262) 653-4141
  • Sunday 12pm to 5pm, Monday – Saturday 10am to 5m, Closed holidays
  • Free public parking and streetcar stop.

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Kenosha, Wisconsin

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