The Best Toilet Tent and Portable Toilet for Privacy and Comfort

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Have a friend or significant other that dreads having to “go” outdoors? For those who don’t want to grab a shovel and dig, we have a solution for you. Combine a private toilet tent and portable potty and you will be good to “go” anywhere!

After much debate, we finally bought a Chrysler Pacifica to use as a travel vehicle, aka a minivan camper. Following an extensive amount of research, we managed to design a set up that wouldn’t alter the vehicle permanently and still provide cozy sleeping quarters.

We bought a super comfortable mattress, built a cabinet for clothes, hung lights, and even installed a fridge and microwave. But one of the negative aspects of camping in a minivan is the lack of a shower and toilet.

So we went in search of a solution.

Typically we stay in campgrounds, but for the times that we are far away from the bathroom or boondocking without facilities, it’s our trusty portable toilet, solar shower, and privacy tent to the rescue! 



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What is a Camping Toilet Tent

A pop up toilet tent is an outdoor portable tent that provides shelter and privacy for using a toilet. A pop up potty tent, if you will!

Nature calls are inevitable during any camping trip, and having a designated private space ensures you can answer them comfortably.

With a privacy tent, you no longer have to worry about finding secluded spots or awkwardly squatting behind bushes – simply set up your personal sanctuary and enjoy peace of mind.

When we finally decided on buying a minivan versus a Sprinter or a vehicle with more room, we needed to add a camping toilet to our van accessories.

And I wasn’t planning on using it without some basic coverage!

For more camping essentials check out our article van camping must-haves.

Here is the best option for a toilet tent whether you are boondocking or have a campsite far from the restroom. Camping toilets have become a camping essential among campers and survivalists.
Searching for a pop up bathroom for camping? Here you go!

How to Use Toilet Tent and Maintain It

If you watched the video above, you saw how easy and straightforward it is to set up the folding portable toilet tent. It pops right up from a folded position and takes only a little manipulation to gather it back together when you’re packing up the site. 

Make sure to set it up as far away as possible from the area you are camping or hanging out in and look for a shaded spot. 

As far as maintaining the portable potty tent, the number one rule is to never fold it up and put it away when it is wet. Otherwise, you’ll get mold and residue that will be hard to remove.


Camping toilet tents and portable toilets are fast becoming an outdoor must-have item. Not only does it make it more comfortable to go to the bathroom outside, but it's pretty cozy too.
It’s a portable potty tent!

Other Uses for the Privacy Tent

When you are not camping, the pop up bathroom tent can be used for other situations as well. We told a friend about it when we first made the purchase and he ended up buying a few for his workers who are often onsite at people’s homes outside without a restroom. 

It can also be used as a changing station at the beach, provide shade at a little league game, or as a shower station. Now that’s what I call multifunctional! 

A camping toilet tent is an indispensable accessory that brings convenience, privacy, hygiene, and versatility to your outdoor adventures.

The Best Toilet Tent for Privacy and Comfort

The WolfWise Pop-Up Shower Tent is 44.5″ L x 44.5″ W x 74.8″ H so it’s spacious inside. It’s one of the biggest single toilet tents on the market. 

The green one pictured and in the video above is an older basic model. The new version has a few added features so we are recommending that one instead.  

The upgraded version added a zipper buckle to clip it on the inside for privacy so you don’t have to worry about someone unzipping it from the outside. It also has three mesh-covered vents for good ventilation.

The company also added a built-in floor mat surrounded by mesh for drainage. It encloses the tent to keep you from the dirty ground and also helps the bathwater runoff.

The tent is made of polyester fabric and treated with a water-repellent treatment. And has a silver sunscreen coating to protect you from harmful UV rays.


Looking for a way to use the bathroom when camping? We have the perfect toilet tent and portable potty combo for you.
Photo Credit: WolfWise

When folded back up, it’s lightweight and narrow which fits perfectly in the small storage space we have in the back of the van. 

Additional useful features are the small clothesline for hanging wet towels or clothes and additional pockets for shampoo, soap, etc. They also added two mesh storage bags at the bottom sides to store your sandals. It has a hook at the top that can be used for a small hanging light to be used at night.

The large size, good reviews, and easy assembly are the three main factors why we chose this particular tent.  Overall, it’s the perfect private tent for a worry-free camping experience. 

The Outdoor Toilet

The perfect outdoor portable toilet and tent combo.

Let’s continue the toilet talk to the actual toilet itself. When it comes to the actual deed there are two options: digging a hole or buying a portable toilet. We decided to purchase a portable toilet with a snap-on lid. 

It’s basically a bucket with a seat, but what a difference it makes to be able to sit down versus hovering over cold or wet ground. 

And it’s painless to manage. Once you place it in the tent, line the bucket with a garbage bag so it’s easy to clean later. Try biodegradable compostable bags; they are sturdy and eco-friendly. 

Hot Tips: Add a handful of kitty litter to the bottom of the bucket to eliminate odor and soak up liquids. Also, use the storage pocket for hand sanitizer.

Solar Camping Shower

To complete our DIY outdoor bathroom, we purchased a 5-gallon camp shower that heats the water with solar energy and has a nifty shower head.

It’s a handy option when hot water isn’t available. 

When it’s all said and done, a privacy tent with toilet and shower combo will make your next camping experience a more pleasant one!


Do you have a portable toilet set up for your camping needs? Tell us in the comments below!

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  1. Barb Bradley

    hi! I am using my Pacifica for camping also. It is December and just returned from cross country trial run. I don’t have the fridge or microwave yet but the potty tent and potty bucket worked great. Now, the problem was the cold at night. I was fine in the bed I created but my dog was shivering at nights.I would cover her but when she changed positions and I was asleep, she got really cold.Do you have any plans for heat at night? I have the custom screens for all windows and a fan for inside so warm weather is not a problem. However, the cold was less than ideal.

    Also, what brand microwave and fridge did you install?Was it difficult? I am a 70 year old woman and not very handy.
    Recommendations? Tips? Thanks, guys!

    • Dang Travelers

      We have camped in freezing weather but will stay at an electric camp site and then use a space heater which will easily keep the van warm even with windows cracked for moisture… without electricity you’d probably want to get a sub zero sleeping bag… as far as fridge and microwave, we just bought a cheap 700 watt microwave and a ac/dc Truckfridge fridge/freezer.. I don’t think they make our exact model (tf49) anymore.. its not an easy install and I wouldn’t recommend it if you aren’t handy. Your best bet would be to buy a chest fridge (something like this… ) and cheap microwave and find your own way to fit them in your current sleeping layout.

  2. Richard M. Jones

    Hello! This is my first visit to your blog! We are a team of volunteers and starting a new initiative in a community in the same niche. Your blog provided us useful information to work on. You have done an outstanding job.

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