Everything You Need to Know about Hiking Angels Landing in Zion National Park

Me: “Hold on. Angels Landing is a hike that goes straight up a massive rock with only a chain to hold on to?” My Husband: “Yea but not many people die on it or anything.” Me: “Wait, what? People have … Continued

The Irish Cottage Boutique Hotel: A Taste of Ireland in Galena, Illinois

While we were on our last mega road trip my mom celebrated her one year cancer-free scan. If that doesn’t call for a celebration, I don’t know what does! It was time to put my thinking cap on and find … Continued

Must-See Route 66 Attractions by State

You’ll find many opportunities to stop along the eight state journey but there are a few famous Route 66 stops that you MUST experience on your trip. From the utterly awesome to the notably historic to the wacky weird to … Continued

California Route 66: The End of the Road

“All good things must come to end,” said some veracious Captain Obvious many moons ago. This morning we crossed the Arizona border to California, the eighth and final state closing out our Route 66 road trip. California Route 66 Attractions … Continued