Walking the Camino Francés: Roncesvalles to Pamplona

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Camino Francés Day 3: Roncesvalles to Urdaniz

Even though we started the Camino a few days ago, today was the first time I felt the true essence of the pilgrimage.

We walked till we felt we couldn’t walk any further. Just as my legs were turning to jello, we were greeted at our home away from home for the night.

A nice Spanish couple turned the bottom floor of their home into an albergue at Aca Y Alla Urdaniz. It has six beds (three bunk beds), a private room with two single beds, and two bathrooms. And a lovely outdoor pool which is wonderful for soaking feet after a long day of walking.

A shower, meal and bed were all we required, but instead felt like we gained a few new friendships and a welcoming home.

Four Americans, two Brits, and one Spaniard gather around the dinner table to break bread, drink wine and swap stories. Later a gal from the Basque region and a gal from Italy joins our group. After dinner the owner shares with us a local liquor that tastes similar to Sambuca with a black licorice flavor. It’s just the night we needed after a long day.

Camino Frances Roncesvalles

Camino Francés Day 4: Urdaniz to Pamplona

We left Urdaniz after a small breakfast of toast, muffins, fruit, orange juice, and coffee. It’s the first time I see a fresh bread delivery hanging outside a home.

At the end of a rather uneventful cloudy day I felt a pull in my right calf climbing up a small hill. I was limping a bit at the end of the day arriving in Pamplona.

A massive stone wall welcomes us along the path walking into Pamplona. The running of the bulls city is vibrant with people drinking on the streets, eating tapas, and relaxing in the square. We wander around in the evening and stay at the Aloha Hostel close to the action. The hostel is bright and light, a welcoming space with a cute outdoor terrace and nice sitting area. 

Only 445 miles more to go!

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Camino Frances Roncesvalles

Camino Frances Roncesvalles

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Walk with us from the very beginning: Days 3 - 4 on the Camino Frances. We are walking from Roncesvalles to the infamous Pamplona.

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