Fairy Tale Ireland – Interview on Storytelling Travellers

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We were asked by Storytelling Travellers what our favorite trip was and why. Guess what we said? If you saw our post 20 Ireland Photos that will Leave You Breathless, you probably guessed IRELAND! You would be right.

Ireland Hillside


  • Why was it our favorite trip?
  • Top 3 things to do.
  • Information on the people and culture.
  • Preparations and travel tips for a trip to Ireland.
  • Our most interesting story from our favorite trip.
  • The message we left for the Storytelling Travellers Community.

Castle in Ireland

Who are the Storytelling Travellers?

Ivo and Rozi are a fun-loving couple that have traveled separately and together over the years. They have been to over 34 countries, on 4 continents and look to inspire and provoke others to discover the world. Check out the “Travel Friends” section on their site where they interview travel bloggers like themselves to bring the world and their experiences to you.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, the Storytelling Travellers website is under construction so you can no longer read this article.

Storytelling Travellers - Ireland


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Storytelling Travellers - Ireland


6 Responses

    • Dang Travelers

      Thank you, we really appreciate it! Loved reading your latest post about your adventurous drive in India!

  1. Vacation Combined

    There are many places to visit in Ireland, i got lots of reviews in my comment box once i return from a tour of Ireland. Great post your have shared..thanks

    • Dang Travelers

      So many places to visit! We can’t wait to get back soon and explore more.

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