Maerim Elephant Sanctuary in Chiang Mai

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What an unforgettable day! Visiting an elephant sanctuary in Chiang Mai was high on my list of things to do during our time in Thailand and it did not disappoint. After much research and a referral from a friend, we landed at Maerim Elephant Sanctuary.

According to many sources, the Chiang Mai elephant home is one of few ethical options here in the city. 

Although Thailand is beginning to make positive steps toward elephant tourism, they aren’t quite there yet. There are logging businesses across the border that use them for manual labor and many tourist spots that still offer rides on top of them.

Even though these big guys look like they handle anything, they are quite sensitive and their backs not as strong as you would think.

Once I began my research, I was shocked at the number of places to choose from, many of which still promote riding.

At Maerim Elephant Sanctuary, we found a group of rescued elephants on 10 acres of land that are being pampered after a rough life. I was worried about the number of people brought in on the tours but the animals truly seemed to LOVE all the attention… and of course all the food!


Continue below to see how our day went and if you’d like to see our video, scroll to the bottom!

Maerim Elephant Sanctuary – Half Day Morning Tour

Step 1: Get Picked Up by a Songthaew

Step 2: Change into Traditional Garb and Watch Informational Video

Step 3: Pack Your Bag with as Many Goodies as You Can

Step 4: Meet & Feed the Elephants

Step 5: Go Muddin’

Step 6: Wash and Swim with the Elephants

Step 7: Get Cleaned Off, Grab a Beer & Go for a Swim

Step 8: Make Your Own Noodle Soup

Step 9: Say a Tearful Goodbye ☹

Make sure to watch our video below!

What an amazing experience, one we will never forget. If you ever get to Thailand, make sure you plan a day with these lovable creatures!

  1. Mohamed

    Wow! Lovely animals. Hope that people treat them well.

    In Morocco, we have camels and seem the same. Luckily, many people treated them well.

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