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We have some great news to share! Travel Blogger Interviews has featured us, Dang Travelers, on their site dedicated to promoting fellow travel bloggers. We answered over 25 questions regarding our blog, travel experiences, lifestyle, and preferences.

Who are we? Where are going? How do we live this lifestyle?

Read here for Dang’s exciting interview!

Dang Travelers

‘The Guy’ behind Travel Blogger Interviews

The Travel Blogger Interview website is run by ‘The Guy’, from the successful blog, Flights and Frustration. He is a faceless, anonymous businessman that is a frequent international flyer who decided to write about his stories, thoughts, experiences and frustrations on life in the travel world. He recently made it his mission to share some of the unique and awesome stories of fellow travel bloggers. He focuses on interviewing both seasoned and up and coming travel writers, according to his site “to introduce you to the stars of the travel world.”

Interested in being Interviewed?

If you are interested in being featured on this great site, here are some of Travel Blogger Interviews criteria:

  • Your travel blog has been live on the internet for 3 months or more
  • Your travel blog should be a PERSONAL travel blog. There should be an identified writer/couple and not a team of writers. It should also not be a commercial enterprise, nor a lifestyle or make money online site. I only want to focus on personal travel blogs
  • You use a platform such as wordpress.org with your own unique domain name. If you use wordpress.com or Blogger it will be viewed as having less creditability than having your own domain name
  • Links within your interview should be back to your travel blog website and not a range of other websites for which you have affiliate links or derive an income from (with the exception of any book you may have written)

We would like to sincerely thank ‘The Guy’ for this wonderful opportunity and for the rare moment of someone considering us stars…we’ll take it!


Have any other questions for Dang Travelers? Just ask!

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Dang Travelers Interview

2 Responses

  1. Chris travels

    Sure did love reading all the details of your interview with “The Guy”! He knows how to dig deep with some of his questions and I enjoyed your very candid answers to them. It gives your readers more insight as to why you choose to make traveling a priority in your lives and how you strive to accomplish that goal.

    • Dang Travelers

      Thanks Chris! It was fun to do a detailed interview. We haven’t had the opportunity until now. It was a great experience working with ‘The Guy.’

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