Badlands National Park

SUMMER ROAD TRIP, DAY 3 The Stark Beauty of Badlands National Park I stood on the shifty rocks overlooking a wasteland of jagged peaks and otherworldly terrain. The wind was whipping violently at my face, but the landscape before me … Continued

Australia’s Most Instagram Worthy Places

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Australia’s Instagram Worthy Places is brought to you by guest blogger, Roxana Oliver.  Being one of the most popular apps worldwide, Instagram is extremely influential when it comes to our choices of the restaurants, events, and cities we would like … Continued

Awaken in Macon, the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World

Ah, spring. I welcome you with open arms and an eagerness to awaken from my lethargic slumber. Every year I grow restless waiting for the season of growth and invigoration. Ditch dreary and drab for the pinkest party on earth … Continued

Hiking to Breathtaking Views in Kotor, Montenegro

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Hiking Kotor was one of our favorite memories on our Mediterranean cruise. We found ourselves in the incredible city of Kotor, gazing out to an unforgettable sight hoping it would be forever deposited into our memory bank. The hike up to the Castle of St. … Continued

2015 Top Instagram Photos

Instagram is becoming one of our favorite social media sites since it’s all pictures. We love scrolling through our feed to see where people are and what experiences they are having. It has really helped beef up our list for … Continued

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