Florida Road Trip: 25 Things You Should Know

All the things you need to know to have a great Florida road trip: #1 If you are traveling in and around Orlando or central Florida, purchasing a Sun-Pass for tolls may be advantageous. You can buy them at over … Continued

The Summer Road Trip that Will Blow your Mind

In the beginning of June, Dang Travelers will pack up the car and head out on what we are anticipating to be the most epic road trip we have taken to date. We will be on the road 80 days from … Continued

Awaken in Macon, the Cherry Blossom Capital of the World

Ah, spring. I welcome you with open arms and an eagerness to awaken from my lethargic slumber. Every year I grow restless waiting for the season of growth and invigoration. Ditch dreary and drab for the pinkest party on earth … Continued

2015 Top Instagram Photos

Instagram is becoming one of our favorite social media sites since it’s all pictures. We love scrolling through our feed to see where people are and what experiences they are having. It has really helped beef up our list for … Continued

Tramping in Indiana’s Amish Country

posted in: City Guides, Indiana, Midwest | 14

This weekend we spent our days walking through beautiful gardens, biking the countryside, perusing artisan shops, visiting a few breweries, and getting to know the Amish in Indiana’s Amish Country. We spent the night doing what we call “tramping,” truck camping, … Continued

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