Waterfalls and a Celebrity Sighting


We hiked to two awesome waterfalls, saw a celebrity on the trail, and ate at a quirky restaurant right outside of Glacier National Park.

St. Mary Falls 9


Day 21 St Mary Falls

St. Mary Falls

We loved this hike! The walk begins in a scorched forest, but the contrast of the colorful wildflowers against the burnt bark was outstanding.

St. Mary Falls 6

St. Mary Falls 8

St. Mary Falls

St. Mary Falls 7

After the short walk in the forest, we reached St. Mary Falls. The reddish-brown color of the trees alongside the fall make it look like an autumn day.

St. Mary Falls 5

St. Mary Falls 4

Virginia Falls

Don’t stop here! If you visit Glacier, continue on to Virginia Falls where you can stand right at the bottom of the pounding waterfall.

Virginia Falls 3

St. Mary Falls 11

Virginia Falls (Copy)

Virginia Falls 2

Celebrity Sighting – Who Did We See?

On the way back to the car, I exchanged pleasantries with a father and son duo as we passed by. As I was asking how they were doing, I realized the son was Derek Hough from Dancing with the Stars. I’ve seen the show only a few times, but I recognized him right away. I told my husband and he had no idea who he was and thought I was a little crazy. I looked him up on Instagram later and it was him. He had a picture from the day before with him and his dad in Glacier. Unfortunately, I didn’t stop him for a picture. I just thought it was funny that I recognized him hiking on a trail in Montana. His shiny hair must have tipped me off!

Two Sisters Café

We stopped for a late lunch at Two Sisters Café just outside the east entrance of Glacier. We had huge burgers, a local IPA (love the name) and huckleberry pie. It was a great meal and the staff was extremely warm and friendly.

Two Sisters Cafe

Two Sisters Cafe 2

Two Sisters Cafe 4

Two Sisters Cafe 6

Two Sisters Cafe 7


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  1. Chris Travels

    Been to Glacier National Park twice. Several mountain landscapes have been etched in my mind forever as they are so majestic and unique! Glad you had opportunity to experience this amazing place yourselves. Thanks for sharing many of the special details you encounter!

  2. Kim B

    St Mary’s is such a beautiful place. Two Sisters looks great, I like the prayer flags & the flamingo, fun little touches always interest me.
    Kim B

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